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The same attention to detail used to build the PMT-71 were also used in the development of the PMT-72. However, PMT-72 features a warmer sound with rich overtones due to its gold brass alloy. It is a logical choice for jazz and commercial musicians alike

Adding to the enhanced design of the PMT-72:

Redesigned and repositioned braces
Decagonal style finger buttons, top & bottom caps
Amado water keys
A round tuning slide matched with a single brace offers the perfect synergy of balance, optimal resistance, and secure slotting throughout the entire range. The redesigned bell taper provides tremendous control and projection while enhancing the timbre.


  • Professional Class
  • Bb
  • Bore: Medium large (11.68mm / 0.460”)
  • Receiver: Standard weight
  • Leadpipe: Standard, gold brass
  • Bell: gold brass (125mm / 4.92”)
  • Main tuning slide: Round style, gold brass
  • Valve material: Monel
  • PM Deluxe Trumpet Case
  • Finished: Matte Lacquer / Silver Plated
  • Heavy weight top / bottom caps
  • Lightened 3rd tuning slide screw

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