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Artists and students alike have described P. Mauriat flutes as having ‘lightning fast’ response, a refined hand-feel, and an ‘easy-to center’ pitch profile in all registers. The offset-G, silky-smooth and ‘close feeling’ right hand pinky table, small opening key holes, and easy to reach High-C facilitator all contribute to healthy hand positioning and ergonomic playing. All models of P. Mauriat flutes feature a .925 Solid silver headjoint, off set G, B-Foot, Split E mechanism, High-C Facilitator, and B-trill key. The P. Mauriat flutes all have a .925 sterling silver head, and are available with a plated or sterling body. This flute is perfect for the advancing student, professional woodwind doubler or aspiring flutist.


  • Professional Class
  • C
  • Open Hole with French Pointed Arms
  • Offset
  • Split E Key
  • Sterling Silver Head、Body and Foot、Silver Plated keys
  • B Foot / C Foot
  • PM Standard Flute Case

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