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System-76 Derek Brown BEATBoX SAX

All saxophones aren’t meant to be polished, pretty, and polite. Some are meant to ROCK!! Introducing the ground-breaking P. Mauriat System-76 Custom Derek Brown BEATBoX SAX!

Featuring over a dozen unique modifications by saxophone innovator Derek Brown, this one-of-a-kind instrument can create sounds on the saxophone you didn’t know were possible! From percussive ring scratches, guirro effects and bell-poundings, to reshaped and added keys, the sky’s the limit to what the player can do with this new, edgy, “battle-worn” saxophone from P. Mauriat!

Details for System 76 Derek Brown BEATBoX SAX ◆



  • Bb
  • Low Bb to High F#
  • Yellow Brass
  • Super VI
  • Enlarged Flare
  • Fully ribbed construction
  • Blued Steel
  • Pisoni
  • Hand engraved, custom 「BEATBoX SAX」 markings
  • PM Contoured Soft Case
  • Comes with custom finger rings and built with extra bow protection, reshaped keys, extra bell ribbing, 3-ring neckstrap loop, built—in guiro,pants-guard 「vibra slap」 and more! Can be played in ALL musical settings.

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