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The P. Mauriat 300 Series Professional Baritone Saxophones combine traditional French construction with an enlarged bore taper to create an instrument with a voluminous, free blowing lower register, dark and focused middle and upper registers, and a tonal palette broad enough to fill any musical space. Buttery keywork, powerful low notes, and an even tempered scale define these instruments. Players will appreciate the ergonomic placement of the left and right hand pinky tables, as well as the deep pinky key scoops and easy-access side keys.


  • Professional Class
  • Eb
  • Standard
  • Brass
  • Hand Engraved Bell and Bow
  • Genuine Abalone or Black Pearl (depending on the finish)
  • PM Contoured Hard Case
  • Dark Vintage or Unlacquered
  • Low A
  • Extra Engraving on Unlacquered Finish

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