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This award winning ensemble was formed by four incredible artists between age 23 to 74: Edward Karwala- baritone saxophone, Adam Sowa- soprano, Wojciech Zwierniak – alto saxophone, Pawel Jarzmik- tenor saxophone.

Thanks to this amazing combination and a huge passion to different kinds of music, Saxpasja creates music that appeals to a wide range of audience from classical music, jazz to popular favorites and always loved standards.

In 2010 quartet Saxpasja was awarded a grand prix on the International Jazz Music Contest – ,,Zlota Tarka 2010” in Poland.

Saxpasja quartet was created by:

Edward Karwala – baritone saxophone

At the beginning he was a self-taught. He won a few amateur music contests in Poland. After ten years he passed the exam to Jazz Music Academy. Then as a graduate he was travelling to Russia, Germany, France and Great Britain. After 20 years he returned to Poland and joined Jazz Bands. He is a finalist of Jam Session Music Contest and a member of ,,Saxpasja” quartet which won the first prize on the International Jazz Music Contest – ,,Zlota Tarka 2010”.

Adam Sowa – soprano saxophone

He started playing on saxophone when he was a child. He is a graduate of Music Academy – saxophone class. The winner and finalist of many international jazz and classical music contests, either as a soloist or with bands.

Adam was a member of Military Orchestra of Cracow. It helped him to get some band experience and develop his skills. Furthermore, he is a bandmaster and the instructor of the wind instruments in the Brass Band.

Pawel Jarzmik – tenor saxophone

A graduate of Music Academy of Lodz on saxophone faculty. He improved his skills on different kinds of saxophone events managed by prof. Andrzej Rzymkowski, Jerzy Glowczewski, Leszek Zadlo etc.

As a sax player, he cooperated with Big Band and Orchestra of Nowy Sacz. At the moment he is also a main saxophone instructor in Music School of Roznow in Poland.

Wojciech Zwierniak – alto saxophone

He had interest in music since childhood. At the age of fifteen, Wojtek got involved in jazz and since then he has been trying to develop his musical skills by listening to music, analysing it and mainly by playing in various bands of different backgrounds. He was a member of many local and international bands.

In 2006 he finished a secondary school in Bochnia and then School of Jazz in Cracow. In 2009 he graduated with the Bachelor Degree from the Jazz Department at Academy of Music.

Wojtek gets his inspiration from listening to music of such as players as Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderley, Pat Metheny and Michael Brecker.

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