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Hansel Bernuy


Peruvian saxophonist. 28 years. Graduated from the “Marching Band” I.E.L.E, (Institucion Educativa Los Educadores) national champion (Peru) in 2007.

He studied at the prestigious school “Jazz Jauz” (3 years) directed by the renowned saxophonist and director Carolina Araoz. Travel to Valparaiso (Chile) to represent the country in the first cultural meeting of nations (Latinoamerica) organized by that country.

During his academic training, he shares the stage with legends James Carter and Wessel “Warmdaddy” Anderson. (US)

Member of the Brass Section of a Cuban music Orchestra (Los Conquistadores de la Salsa), travels around the world, visiting countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and others. Make European tours during the years 2013 to 2015.

It becomes part of the Brass Section of a very prestigious orchestra in Peru (Son Tentacion) touring throughout Latin America (Brazil, Chile, Argentina,) and the US of America, between the years 2016 to 2018.

Private teacher of saxophone, technique and harmony. Recording musician for the most important studios in Peru. Their recordings are destined to Radio, TV and national cinema, backed by SONIEM (Sociedad Nacional de interpretes y ejecutantes de la musica / National Society of Performers to the Music)

Current representative of the brand “BG France” and “P. Mauriat “, becomes the youngest saxophonist to be sponsored by international brands. His effervescence in social networks connects him with his audience that grows more day by day.

Current director of the Brass Section of YOU SALSA, orchestra of “Salsa Urban/fusion”, recognized in Peru, prepares its first International Tour in charge of this new project to MEXICO 2019.

Hansel Bernuy, is working on what will be his first discography with songs of his composition, next to be released during the present year on all digital platforms.

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