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Bae Jung Kim 김배정

S. Korea

Graduated from Busan National University’s Department of Music

Current) Member of Ulsan Jung-gu Symphony Orchestra

Member of Modern Sound Jazz Big Band

Member of the Ulsan Bluebird Light Music Company

Instructor of Saxophone class at Ulsan Jung-gu Culture Center

Member of the Ulsan Wind Orchestra

Ulsan Education and Culture Center Brass instruments Trainer

Ulsan Hyundai Philharmonic Orchestra’s Brass Part Trainer

Ulsan, Bancheon Elementary School/ Ulsan Life science, Hyundai

Technical High School Orchestra Leucture

YouTube channel “Adieu Saxophone”

– Modern Sound Jazz Big Band Member

– Elf Saxophone Contest Celebration Performance

– Performance of the Jakcheonjeong Cherry Blossom Festival

– Ulsan Rose Festival Performance

– Performance to celebrate Haenam Temple in Jung-gu, Ulsan

– Performance at the Ulsan Industrial Festival

– Performance of Yeruha in Ulsan

– Adue’s 100th concert


On the Scene with Bae Jung Kim 김배정