Enzo Anastasio


Enzo Anastasio (ANASTASIO), saxophonist and flutist born in year 1985, has played the saxophone since he was 12 years old. He starts classical studies studying with teacher Andrea Pace at the conservatory “San Pietro a Majella” of Naples; he then graduates in saxophone with teacher Luigi Cavallo at the conservatory “Giuseppe Martucci” of Salerno, where he finally gets a degree of 2nd level with the best grade.

He takes part in plenty of seminars and masters with famous saxophonists (Dave Liebman, Bob Mintzer, Paul Jeffrey, Jean-Yves Formeau, Maurizio Giammarco, Max Ionata) and afterward he studies improvisation with Umberto Muselli (saxophonist, pianist and composer).

Founder of the Neapolitan band “Midi Funk”, in 2005 he releases his first album ‘Finalmente Funky’ which includes unpublished tracks composed by his father Matteo Anastasio; the album has the collaboration of Franco Giacoia, Fredy Malfi, Lello Somma, Mario Simeoli.

With his band, he takes part in numerous contests and live shows in many Italian clubs.

In November 2015 he presents to the national discography his first solo album titles ‘Che Soddisfazione… (instrumental Pino Daniele)’ which features many international musicians (Eric Marienthal,Adam Rogers,Fabrizio Bosso, Ernesto Vitolo, Massimo Moriconi, Amedeo Ariano, Alfonso Deidda, Pierpaolo Bisogno and many others).

The album, under the label of “Suoni del Sud” by Peppe Ponti and distributed by “Self”, has given Anastasio the chance to perform in many, prestigious national jazz clubs, live shows and to be on the page of many newspapers (La Repubblica,Il Mattino, Il Roma, Corriere della sera, Corriere del mezzogiorno, Il Messaggero,ecc.), as well as in plenty of radio broadcasting stations (Radio Marte, Radio Kiss Kiss, Radio Punto Nuovo,Radio Kolbe,ecc…).

In January 2016, he takes place, with his instrumental project, in two Rai TV programs dedicated to Pino Daniele (Rai 3 “ANIMA un anno senza Pino” by Cecilia Donadio e Rai news24 “Nero a meta”).

From March 2016 to March 2017 he is present every Sunday in the TV program “Domenica luna live” (TV Luna) hosted by Paola Mercurio.

In 2017 he is often host with DJ Gigi Soriani (Radio Marte) in the sports TV program “San Paolo Show” on TV Luna hosted by Gigio Rosa and Paola Mercurio.

In July 2016, the important music magazine “JAZZIT” by Luciano Vanni Editore publishes a beautiful review dedicated to his discographic project ‘Che Soddisfazione’ (magazine n.95 July/August 2016).

In 2017 he records with his quintet the song ‘Papa’s got a brand new bag’ (J. Brown) present in the compilation “Remembering gli Showmen & Mario Musella”, which features many artist (Enzo Gragnaniello, Tony Esposito, Osanna, Monica Sarnelli, Foja, Sudexpress, etc.) under the label “Suoni del Sud”, distributed by “Self”; the album is presented in April 2017 during “Disco Days” (Palapartenope, Na).

In July 2017 (30/07/2017) he played as first alto sax in the “ONJ” (Neapolitan Jazz Orchestra) conducted by M.ro Mario Raja at the XXII edition of “Pomigliano Jazz” with guest Mattew Herbert.

In December 2017 he recorded his second solo album “Trough the sky” in Los Angeles (which will be released in March 2018) with the presence of Gregg Bissonette, David Garfield and Jimmy Earl.

In December 2017, guest of the “20th memorial concert Carlos Vega” held on 10/12/2017 in the “Alvas” concert hall in Los Angeles (California), he performed on the stage alongside Frank Gambale, Gary Novak, Mike Miller and David Garfield. Dean Cortez, etc.

In the Christmas of 2017 (24/12/2017) he performs with the American singer Cheryl Porter & Halleluja Gospel Singer with the orchestra of M.ro Renato Serio at the “Christmas Concert in the Vatican” (Aula Paul VI) aired on Mediaset Canale5.

He has been teaching Musical Education and Instrument from 2010 in middle schools “Salesiane” of Caserta and Naples (Vomero); in 2016/2017 he is also a teacher in Saxophone at the musical high school “Gatto” of Agropoli.

He plays and collaborates with:

Eric Marienthal, Adam Rogers, Gregg Bissonette, David Garfield, Jimmy Earl, Frank Gambale, Mike Miller, Gary Novak, Dean Cortez, Fabrizio Bosso, Ernesto Vitolo, Massimo Moriconi, Amedeo Ariano, Alfonso Deidda, Pierpaolo Bisogno, Cheryl Porter, Federico Luongo, David Garfield, Khari Parker, Lucio Dalla, Walter Ricci, Michele Di Martino, Antonio Caps Capasso, Elio Coppola, Paolo Raffone, Umberto Muselli, Gianfranco Campagnoli, Ricky Portera, Franco Giacoia, Lello Somma, Peppe Fiscale, Antonio Di Somma, Franco Izzo, Davide Afzal, Luigi Sigillo, Paolo Sessa, Mario Nappi, Luca Mignano, Giovanni Crescenzi, Robertinho Bastos, Arlen Azevedo Guarani, Gigi Soriani, Costantino Artiaco, Giancarlo Vorzitelli, Mimmo Di Domenico, Roberto Della Vecchia, Corrado Paonessa, Aurelio Fierro Jr, Roberto Perrone, Fredy Malfi, Gianluca Mirra, Antonio Anastasio, Carmine De Rosa, Luca De Rosa, Claudia De Curtis, Lello Pugliese, Fabrizio Fierro, Toto Allozzi, Ilaria Palmieri, Luca Giordano, Alessandro Tedesco, Matteo Franza, Pasquale Di Nunzio, Luigi Della Notte, Franco Fumante, Raffaele De Luca, Tommy Costagliola, Marco Corcione, Lino Pariota, Rene Messina, Susanna Giordano, Clara Gaudino, Rosa Benincasa, Larry Del Prete, Roberto Alfano, Peppino Di Capri, Mirna Doris, Valentina Stella, Alessandro Greco, Gianni Cigliano, Igor Di Martino, Gennaro Petrone, ecc…


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