PMT-700 [Discontinued]

The 700 is the horn of choice for top professional jazz and commercial musicians.These styles demand a horn that responds to the player as well as it does to the audience. Therefore, the weight of the 700 is balanced in the midsection allowing the instrument to vibrate freely from start to finish. The effect is an enjoyable experience with a sound that is distinctively your own.

  • Bore: 0.460 inch / 11.68 mm Medium-Large
  • Receiver. Standard Weight
  • Leadpipe: Standard, Gold Brass
  • Bell: 4.8″ / 122 mm Yellow Brass
  • Valves: Stainless Steel, Hand Lapped
  • Medium Weight Valve Casing
  • Recessed Valve Top Caps
  • Heavy Weight Caps
  • Weight: 1.012 kg
  • Slides: Hand Lapped Yellow Brass

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