Darren Rahn composed “Heart of Gold” for the 20th Anniversary of P. Mauriat

The content on this page is reposted from Darren Rahn’s Facebook Page

Saxophonists, instrumentalists and friends, I’m proud to announce a brand new song named “Heart of Gold” that I had the pleasure of composing to commemorate the 20th anniversary of P. MauriatMusical Instruments. I am honored to have been the first American saxophonist to endorse their saxophones all the way back in 2003. This song was written so that saxophonists and instrumentalists of all ages can learn and play along. Track 1 features yours truly on alto and tenor saxophones, and Track 2 is a play-along track. Below is a link to the song and play-along track on iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, and Amazon, as well as a link to the sheet music for most wind instruments. “Heart of Gold” is now available at most of your favorite digital retailers. Alex Hsieh and the entire P. Mauriat team have been committed to pursuing excellence, and this song is written to reflect the heart of gold that Alex displays toward humanity, and the outstanding workmanship displayed in creating these world class instruments. After this song was written, Alex showed me a picture of the 20th anniversary saxophone, and lo and behold, it has a heart of gold, literally. I hope you all enjoy this musical tribute. It is written simply, so that instrumentalists of all ages can enjoy and play along. Congrats to P. Mauriat for 20 years of excellence!

On-line listening “Heart of Gold”

Sheet Music Download

I performed this song on P. Mauriat Saxophones and JodyJazz mouthpieces. P. Mauriat and JodyJazz also have a long history of cooperation around the world as they commit themselves to manufacturing products that are the best of the best.