Price & Discount

USD 4100.00 up to 40% off

Descrption & Features

Looking for a distinctive saxophone that can brings out the most of your skills and sound of melody? The limited edition – P. Mauriat System 86 Custom Class is a specially designed horn for all styles and ages. Completely refurbished by the hand of our top-expertise, now available for rewriting your new musical chapter.

  • Finish: Dark Vintage
  • Material: 86 bronze
  • Key Touch: Dark Pearl
  • Neck: Super VI
  • Pad: Metal Resonators
  • Special Features:
  1. Large bell size
  2. Double braces on low-C & low-B
  3. 2 rib protectors
Condition & Accessories

Rarely used, slight dents on the surface, very mior scratch. All horns are handled carefully by our repairers, but loss pitch may occured while being shipped. It is recommened to bring to your local authorized dealer for complete check-up.

  • Accessories: contoured soft case, new cleaning cloth and swab
  • Serial number: PM0124209
  • Warranty: 1 year
How to buy
For product inquiry and quotation, please refer to your local dealer, or contact us for more infromaion.