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Founded in 2003 by Luxembourgish saxophonist and composer Robi Arend, SAXITUDE is a creative saxophone quartet who set out to develop a unique sound with an original repertoire of jazz compositions and improvised music.

SAXITUDE appeared on concert stages, festivals around the world (Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Thailand, China, Czech Republic, Slovenia…. All professional saxophonists “SAXITUDE” is developing his unique sound by drawing upon influences from the wide variety of the different projects the musicians are involved in. With more than 200 concerts the last 4 years, Saxitude is widely considered among the most exciting saxophone quartets in Europe.

Current members of the band are Robi Arend on tenor saxophone, Thomas Diemert on baritone Saxophone, Rémi Fox on alto saxophone and Pierre Cocq-Amann on soprano and alto saxophone.

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