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Sam Que


Sam Que (pronounced /kay/) is a regional saxophonist from Elkhart, Indiana.  He began his journey at the age of 7 while playing drums at his parent’s church. He was soon booted from the throne by an older and more experienced player, forcing him to find a new instrument.  During his elementary school’s band workshop, the saxophone found its way into his hands and curiosity.

‘No-holds-barred’ is certainly one way to describe his approach to the saxophone.  Que’s acrobatic yet musical playing style, has earned him a secured spot in the area’s music scene. His sonic signature is a staple of the energetic Spanish Rock band, Lalo Cura, After Ours and James Neary and The Bevy Blue.  The heavy influences by true commanders of the saxophone like James Carter, Joshua Carter and Michael Brecker  run deep in his sound and approach.  His playing can be heard evolving  into many different shapes and hues as he tries to remind the listener of music’s emotional venture.

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