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Dani Nello


Begins his career in 1985 when he was 17 years as saxophonist rock’n’roll band from Barcelona Rebels. He recorded eight albums with that band and he remains with the group until 1997.

Later, Dani Nel o lo he started to include in his new career sounds like Rhythm, blues and jazz. At the end of 90’s he created his own band under the name of “Nel o lo y La banda del Zoco”, with whom he recorded the albums “Derechito al Infierno” (Straight to Hell) in 1998 and “Crapula” in 1999. Is at that moment when he started a collaboration with the composer and guitarist Jorge Soto, who will accompany intermittently until 2010.

After his experience with his band “Nel o lo y La banda del Zoco”, the saxophonist was immersed in the world of jazz with the creation of the Tandoori Le Noir, band instruments of blues formed by the leading figures of the blues in Barcelona. The unique sound of his sax and magnetism will lead to interpretive work with a range of relevant national and international as Los Lobos, Lee Rocker, Raimundo Amador, Mitch Woods, David Lindley, Kiko Veneno, Ariel Roth, Jackson Browne, Bunbury, Pat McDonald, John Parrish and Nick Curran.

Nel o lo has been developing a consistent career as a composer of soundtracks for film and theater and theatrical interpreter of his own texts (“Estranyes Sensacions”,[1] Espai Brossa de Barcelona, 2003; “Negra i criminal: La ciutat de les ombres”, 2007). In 2004 he contact with the theater director Carme Portaceli with who he continues working assiduously to the present. Together with other independent artists, they founded Nel o lo “Factory International Stage – FEI”.

In 2005 he released his album “Vertigo” [3] with which you experience a mix of cabaret and atmospheric thriller that would be developed later in the soundtracks to the novels of Andreu Martin with singer Myriam Swanson, and the musico-theatrical show “Black and criminal: La Ciutat de les ombres”.

In 2010 presented his two most recent albums, “Noir” [4] and “Tesoro Recordings”, [5] thus concluding stage focused on the sounds of the universe of crime fiction. In 2009 Nel.lo undertakes the co-artistic director of “Taboo,” the first Burlesque show held regularly in Spain, where he is now with his new group, Mambo Jambo.

Currently displaying and performing art director of the television program “Jazz in the students’ on TV3, and prepares two essays on theatrical and musical phenomena demonstrations by the art critic Mery Cuesta.

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