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Blaine Whittaker

An Australian who has paid his dues by gigging all around the world, he went to New York in the Nineties to hone his craft. And he chose some of the best in the world to make this happen: Wynton Marsalis and former Miles Davis alumni, George Coleman. In New York, he also played with the great Miss Dakota Staton at Harlem’s famous Lennox Lounge.

Back in Australia, he became a member of James Morrison’s touring band for almost ten years, Morrison being the country’s foremost Jazz trumpeter and musical icon. In Greater China, Blaine has toured and recorded with just about every big name in the world of Canto and Mando-Pop- Jackie Cheung, Justin Lo, George Lam, Alex To, Kahlil , Joey Yung and so many more.

In the last few yrs Blaine released his album Sound Barrier and released “Twilight” for Gold Typhoon China to sellout crowds in Sydney and HK. Has toured China with Laura Fygi, recorded albums with Howard McCrary – World Piece & Love , Janice 3000 Day & Night Concert/Album. Emma Pask – Some Other Spring, Brigitte Mitchell – Don’t Explain and TV performance with Chris Wong and played/produced the single “HOME” by Ben Semmens.

Played with R&B artists Mary Wilson, The Temptations, Roberta Flack, Sweedish jazz star Niels Landgren, U.S. Guitarist Chieli Minucci.

Blaine is also Music Director for film actor/singer Michael Wong – MW R&B BAND

Now Blaine is set to launch “STRANGE UNIVERSE” his latest album. See press release.

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