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Angelo Torres


Angelo Torres is a Rio saxophonist with strong influences on American Gospel and Black Music. One of the great names of the Saxophone in Latin America, formed by the National Conservatory of Music (Niteroi-RJ) and its main characteristic is the fusion of Pop with Smooth Jazz.

He is a speaker, gives workshops and instrumental shows throughout Brazil and the United States.

Since 1997, he has accompanied and recorded with great names of the National Gospel music, such as Aline Barros, Fernandinho, Kleber Lucas, Davi Sacer, Bringing the Ark, Alvaro Tito, Oficina G3, Sergio Lopes, and many others, participating in his CDs, DVDs , Concerts and tours in Brazil and the United States, recording solos in Hitts that performed in all national radio stations.

In 2002, he released his first Instrumental CD and since then he has collected 10 CDs with authorial compositions and reinterpretations, as well as 1 DVD, Recorded at i9 Music, one of the best known concert halls in Rio de Janeiro – A successful event for critics and audiences, with many guests, in addition to the special participation of American saxophonist KIRK WHALUM, former musician of singer Whitney Houston, winner of GRAMMY AWARDS and one of the icons of Jazz World.

Currently, in addition to his shows, tours and workshops, he divides his time in the production of his Instrumental Music Program on youtube – AT JAZZ Music – A program with the participation of the most diverse and renowned musicians, such as Arthur Maia, Milton Guedes, Mauro Senise, Torcuato Mariano, Marcelo Martins, Victor Biglione and others, to touch and share their experiences.

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