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Ryan Saranich


Saxophonist Ryan Saranich is an active performer, composer, and recording artist in Boston, Massachusetts. While completing his degree requirements at Berklee, he keeps an extensive tour schedule and records at least one session per week as a multi-instrumentalist. In addition, Ryan gives clinics and master classes throughout the year for various music stores and institutions of higher learning with focus on the saxophone, bass, drums, and piano on a series of topics ranging from playing musically to jazz improvisation.

In addition to being a performance and recording artist, Ryan’s skill set extends to composition and arranging. Most notable is his song “If You Never Knew” which was premiered in May of 2010 by Croatia’s National Big Band, the HRT Big Band, who also performed the song for the European Broadcast Union. Ryan continues to write music for the HRT Big Band to this day. Ryan’s work can also be heard performed by the NC State “Pachelbels” Women’s Choir and a number of small-ensemble groups in the United States.

Joseph Wooten (Victor Wooten Band, musical director of the Steve Miller Band) says, “Ryan Saranich is one of the very talented upcoming young jazz writer/arranger/soloists on the scene. With his multi-leveled abilities, the sky is his only limit.”

J. Johnston (St. Croix Music Magazine May 2010) says: “….The first thing that grabbed me about Ryan’s music was his application of flowing melodic content over top of gut wrenching grooves…”

Within the previous years, Ryan has been on consistent call for saxophones, drums, bass and piano/keyboards/organ as well as a respected producer and engineer. His discography includes recordings and motion-picture scores not only from the United States, but also recordings from Brazil, Italy and many other countries; Ryan’s music can be heard on four continents.

Ryan’s music continues to grow, receiving great magazine and online reviews plus an award nomination from the Kennedy Center for theatrical score. Since the age of five, Ryan has been studying music seriously. Upon graduating from the prestigious Northwest School of the Arts, he’s had the opportunity to focus on helping some of the finest teaching professionals in the world.


On the Scene with Ryan Saranich