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Jorge Pardo


Madrid, 1955. Jorge Pardo, a saxophone and flute player, is one of the most outstanding and consistent revelations of the flamenco/jazz fusion.

He started studying at the Madrid Conservatory when he was fourteen years old. Soon, he oriented his career towards jazz, and he was one of the founders of Dolores (with Pedro Ruy-Blas). He is one of the most international Spanish jazz players. He entered the flamenco world carried by Paco de Lucia, and he has achieved a new blending of the more traditional jazz with flamenco. His playing style, with the cross flute as well as the saxophone, has become a referential point.

Among his partners we can find:

Vince Mendoza, Gil Goldstein, Paco de Lucia, Ariff Mardin, Camaron, Chick Corea, Astrud Gilberto, Wagner Tizo, Ketama Enrique Morente, Nana Caymi, Pat Metheny, Miguel Rios, Elvin ,Yehudi Menuhin…


On the Scene with Jorge Pardo