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Tim Stocker


Tim Stocker and his Baritone Saxophone came crashing onto the Singapore music scene in February 2016 after nearly 6 years of immersion in New York City and London. He’s an Australian native and has come a long way since leaving his home town of Albury in Country NSW. He made Sydney his home for nearly 10 years where he developed his craft at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music studying Jazz Performance with some of Australia’s foremost talents.

This set Tim up with the skills to be creative and interactive in any musical situation and this is evident in the wide array of musical experiences where he has had success. He’s added his sound to the music of international recording artists and award winners covering genres from Gospel, Jazz, Swing, Rock, R&B, Indi-pop, Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, Avant-garde and Afro-beat. The Baritone is the larger of the Saxophone Family and Tim manages to play it with an effortless freedom that masks it’s sheer size. He’s able to play melodically and light or create a hard groove that gets people moving. Since arriving in Singapore, Tim has created a number of groups that perform regularly at bars, clubs and parties and is equally at home playing with a full band as he is with a live DJ or a lone drummer.

Singapore based projects:

  • BariRumbles Brass – Singapore’s Street Band.
  • The Pocket Watchers – Groove, Swing and R&B Band.


  • “Tim is a true baritone player with a deep understanding of the sound and possibilities of the instrument. He highlights the baritone’s lyricism while avoiding melodic cliches. He is a special musician.” – ROGER ROSENBERG, Professional Baritone Saxophonist and Recording Artist – NYC
  • “Tim’s baritone saxophone playing is top-notch. I especially appreciated the inclusion of some extended techniques, and more adventurous sounds unique to this saxophone. There are many influences I think I can hear in the baritone’s sound, playing and improvising, but no particular one sticks out or makes it feel like an imitation.” – ANDREW HADRO, Baritone Saxophonist – NYC and curator of


On the Scene with Tim Stocker