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Tania León

Costa Rica

Saxophonist and educator, graduated from the University of Costa Rica where she earned a Licentiate degree in Music with a concentration in Saxophone.She also holds a Masters degree in Education Administration from the Universidad Estatal a Distancia. She started practicing music from a young age and began receiving saxophone lessons when she was 9 years old. She was the first person to earn a Licentiate degree in Music with emphasis in Saxophone from all Costa Rican’s Pacific region.

As a performer she has classical training while also exhibiting great versatility that allows her to venture into genres such as pop, latin, worship, and lately, jazz. She was a member of one of the first women saxophone quartets from Costa Rica named Arje, where she played the baritone saxophone and became a reference for women in the country interested in this instrument. She has taken part in a variety of chamber music ensembles and symphonic bands, and has collaborated with the Concert Band of Puntarenas. She also works as a freelance saxophonist.

As an educator, she is a saxophone professor at the University of Costa Rica’s Pacific Campus since 2010 where she has supported several community service projects focused towards a number of communities in the Pacific Region. She has led and coordinated General Education courses in Music Appreciation, master lessons, and both national and international conference presentations including the presentation titled “Growth of Saxophone in the Pacific Region”. She was Academic Director of the Sistema Nacional de Educacion Musical (National System of Music Education – SINEM), part of the Youth and Culture Ministry of the government of Costa Rica. She led a music instruction system which has 21 campuses all across the country which that provides free music instruction programs the entire country.

As part of her job, she coordinated and supervised the proper contextualization of teaching-learning methodologies, as well as education evaluation processes used by the entire faculty of SINEM, which is composed of 230 music professors in all of Costa Rica. She is a founder and owner of VitaMusic, a music education project with specific programs oriented towards instruction of piano and wind instruments that offers both in-person and online classes for all ages. She has both national and international students.


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