Disco Yahnnasath Sangiamsri


Disco Yahnnasath Sangiamsri (born June 12, 1980) is a saxophonist and singer, he began to play instrument since he was 13 years old when he was a member of Kaennakorn school’s marching band but his passion for music actually starting from when he heard his father was playing a small electone every evening in the house along with his mother was singing along. He graduated his Bachelor’s degree in International Music major from Kasetsart University and gained his Master’s degree from College of Music, Mahidol University.

Disco’s first project as a professional musician was when he joined the band called Lamduan, he started from playing music at night time, then playing back up and record for so many artists which came from many genre of musics and record labels, for example, Bird Thongchai, Jay Jetrin, Christina Arguila, Got Jakkapan, D2B, Dan&Beam, etc.

His inspiration for making this album comes from himself that he wanted to present music in a way he prefers which is very diverse, just like telling stories from his experienced in life about love and work for nearly 20 years. He wants to bring out a kind of music that combined melody and vocal and express a music sound through a vibe of temporary retro styles. If you want to define the type of music that mingles such various kind of musics, it might be difficult to specify but all these musics are meant to be simply, easy to understand, not complicated and this album can be considered as pop music.


On the Scene with Disco Yahnnasath Sangiamsri