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Benjamin Barreiro


Benjamin Barreiro was born in Montevideo Uruguay on November 27th 1980. He started studying diferent instruments (piano, drums, guitar) till he met his first saxophone. After having studied with several important musicians from Uruguay he moved to Buenos Aires and studied at the E.M.C. (Berklee International Networks) where he graduated in 2003.

During the next years he continued taking private lessons with Ernesto Jodos, Carlos Lastra, Ricado Cavalli and Juan Pollo Raffo.

He has played and recorded with some of the most prestigious Uruguayan?s musicians and their bands from Uruguay, such us Ruben Rada, Osvaldo Fattoruso , Abuela Coca, Nicolas Ibarburu, Federico Righi, Martin Ibarburu among many others.

He has also participated in diferent jazz festivals such us “Festival Internacional de Jazz de Punta del Este” organized by Paquito D?Rivera.

He has been nominated several times for the Graffiti awards (awards of Uruguayan music) for best jazz and instrumental disc and best band.

In 2009 he founded with other musicians from Uruguay and Brazil the Conexion project , witch mixtures jazz language with rhythms from both conuntries. In this new project he also recorded with Jaques Morelenbaum and Hugo Fattoruso.

Today he is one of the most outstanding figures in Uruguay music scene.


On the Scene with Benjamin Barreiro