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This special System-76 3rd edition alto - the Dragon - was created under the collaboration of the P. Mauriat team and contemporary jazz legend Greg Osby.

The vintage dark lacquer seals the deal, capturing a timeless character while complimenting the centered, focused sound.

The raw brass finish allows the saxophone, to resonate freely.  In addition, the absence of lacquer allows the brass to age over time, creating a unique vintage look and feel.

PMXT- 66 RX is fitted with oversized key touches to achieve an effortless feel and to further facilitate natural vibration throughout the horn.

The Master 97 Tenor was Meticulously designed from selected materials to meet the expectional expectations of our Classical connoisseurs.

The Le Bravo Saxophone from P.Mauriat combines warm, resonant gold brass with the powerful, solid nickel-silver Super VI neck to create a thick sound that has serious punch.

This horn represents everything a player wants and needs; great sound, great action and a great look -  it has the potential to make history as one of the best saxophones of all time.

The PMT-500BX tenor saxophone gives the player a bright tone with loads of clarity.

The 180 Saxophone has the right resistance which makes it very easy to blow and the tone is warm with some brightness around the edge.