PMB - 300

review by Ed Epstein

My main instrument for many years now has been the baritone. Some months ago I got my PMB-300UL, and it was really love at first sight. I am mainly a small-group player, but I do a lot of big band work as well, and needed to have a low-A baritone.
The PMB-300UL is the most responsive big horn I’ve ever played. What comes to mind is: ”From a whisper to a scream…” I can literally whisper my way from the low A all the up through the altissimo range. It’s a superb vehicle for ballads. And just as effortlessly, the 300UL can produce a huge sound, and the superb action allows for a much greater fluidity than my previous horn. The high F# key is something I greatly appreciate: even though it’s standard today, I didn’t have it on my Mk VI, so it’s like an extra bonus for me.