System - 76 2nd. Edition

My tenor is a Mauriat System 76 model. This is the best tenor I have ever played. As a doubler it has simply made playing tenor a lot easier and more enjoyable for me. It has a huge but also focused sound.

Jeff King

I had played the same saxophone since I was 17, an old 1936 Selmer, which seems to often need tweaking and maintenance.  So because of this I have searched for a long time for another horn that I felt confident enough in to play when the original was in the repair shop.  I had looked at many options, vintage and new, but had never found anything that I liked.  It was either a vintage horn with a beautiful sound and major intonation/control problems or a modern one with all the accuracy but a sound with no character.

The first time I played the System 76 2nd edition tenor, it was like “wow! What a superb horn’’! The horn sounded amazingly fat in the bottom and very nice, creamy in the altissimo.

Doug Miller

I've had my new P. Mauriat System 76 2nd Edition TGL Tenor Sax for about three weeks now. It's a really fantastic sax!  It has a nice warm tone and the tone is even throughout all registers. The keys are very comfortably placed and feel very natural beneath my fingers.  Also, the action on this instrument is amazingly fluid.

Rubens mariano de oliveira filho

I started using P Mauriat sax since March 2010. That's when I had my first contact with brand here in Brazil, through a representative in my town. In my first visual contact with the System 76, I was impressed with the look, taste and finish in the details. I really blew it when i check the quality of the saxophone, an incredible sound, perfect pitch and especially a very distinctive sound projection.