Master 97

Product Overview

Master 97 Series is designed to focused on the requirements of the most demanding players. Master 97 alto brings a very new and different tonal color to our alto saxophone line.

It features a dual alloy saxophone, utilizing gold brass necks and sterling silver octave pips. This fully professional alto sax also features extensive hand-engraving and Pisoni Pro pad with synthetic Resonators, which results a alto with a complex sound palette, fluid action, very accurate tuning, and stunning aesthetics. This is a  full professional saxophone that employs a new body design as well as numerous ergonomic upgrades.

who plays on this instrument?

Herman Pong

Isaiah Collier

Reiner Witzel

Scott Litroff

Yangbro Yang

John Wojciechowski

Scott Burns

Krit Buratanayut

Geoffrey Bradfield

Adam Larson