System - 76 2nd. Edition

Product Overview

The SYSTEM 76 is Vintage Personified. We’ve expanded the bore of this horn to produce a bigger sound with a core that is full of rich overtones. The vintage dark lacquer seals the deal, capturing a timeless character while complimenting the centered, focused sound. The System 76 is offered in a variety of lacquers to suit each individual player's style and taste.


who plays on this instrument?

Daniel Morera

Warren Ham

Eldon T Jones

Jesse Ryan

Kenneth Whalum

Rocco Di Maiolo

Aldo Salvent

Phil Doyle

James Carter

Adil Johan

Scott Paddock

Krit Buratanayut

Arno Haas

Dror Ben Gur

Geoffrey Bradfield

Greg Osby

David Wright

Darren Rahn

Berklee Saxophone Quartet

Elias Coutinho

Igor Lumpert


Roberto Benitez

Reggie Padilla

Malvin Stefanus Jerry

Carlos Ubarte

Doug Miller

Remi Alvarez

Marcus Strickland

Bill Harris

John Wojciechowski

Pawel Smorag

Karlhos Misajel

Alejandro Chiabrando

Eddie Baccus, Jr.

London-Silas Shavers

Patrick Trahan

Dmitri Bril

Luis Deniz