Marat Yuldybaev was born on the 30-th of September in 1951, In the Ufa city, Bashkortostan republic, Russia. As a youngster he attended the children’s musical school to study accordion. In the 1974 Marat graduated from Ufa Aviation institute. In the 1978 Marat graduated from Ufa collage of Arts with full course qualifications in saxophone, and then was teaching at the same collage.

For 13 years, Marat was the leader of a jazz ensemble called “Doostar”. This group recorded 3 albums featuring compositions by Marat and with distinctive Bashkirian melodies - "Carousel" (1981), “Marat Yuldybaev is playing”(1984) and “Black River”(1988).


Marat plays on

System - 76 2nd. Edition