Ryszard Krawczuk made his first steps at the improvising music stage in late 70's. He graduated from the Music College in Opole where he joined a jazz-rock band "Rebus". This group was also the beginning for other well known polish musicians such as Marek Raduli, Krzysztof "Puma" Piasecki and Stefan Machel.

After finishing Music Academy in Katowice, he established his own band - STILL ANOTHER SEXTET - which won in 1984 the first prizes at Jazz Juniors Festival in Cracow and Jazz Festival in Karlovy Vary (Czech Rep.).


Ryszard plays on

PMXA - 67R

Selected Albums


Funky Roads

R.K & Funk De Nite; What!So What!


FLY/ Ryszard Krawczuk i OH Group