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Saxophones / Soprano

Master 97 Series is designed to focused on the requirements of the most demanding players. Master 97 soprano brings a very new and different tonal color to our soprano saxophone line.

The SYSTEM 76 is Vintage Personified. We’ve expanded the bore of this horn to produce a bigger sound with a core that is full of rich overtones.

The System-76 curved soprano is unlike any of its conventional, straight bodied cousins...

We have created a soprano that can really project!

The PMSS-2400 has a full sound and its curved body allows the player to hear the nuance of his/her sound.

The P. Mauriat Le Bravo soprano is the latest addition to our range and it completes this wonder range of saxophone.

The P. Mauriat 185 Sax has a classic rich sound with perfect resonance.