Lighting Fast and Crystal Clean

Lightning-Fast and Crystal-Clean" is a unique video series inspired by the awe I experienced as a kid, listening for the first time to Michael Brecker tearing effortlessly up and down the horn. This program is intended to serve as the only course on technique that a sax player would ever have to invest in. The material here is based on years of experience identifying the exercises and concepts that were most transformational to my students as well as myself in the realm of technique, while at the same time expanding improvisational vocabulary.

To learn more, just go to and sign up to be notified about the "pre-launch" coming later this month for email subscribers only. Signing up gets you 30% off the regular price, plus some free self-study lessons that you get to keep whether or not you end up buying the course (which would be a one-time payment for lifetime access on any device). I've gotten some really great feedback so far, and I'm excited to invite all sax players to check out for a closer look!