PMST - 86

review by Oliver Santana

The PMST-86 UL has a deep center with a sweet powerful projection without distorting the quality of the tone, also it’s action and response, articulation and control are all in one. This Tenor has a unique personality, characteristics that I personally apply with history like the fuzzy tenor sound with fat clean vintage flavor giving the player an authentic persona. I was very impressed by the altissimo register, pitch round and accuracy. Personally this tenor is sophisticated high class, new vintage sound with the perfect action and response loving every second of it and when I’m done I just can’t wait to start all over again.

other reviews

Abraham de Roman

I love the consistency of PMST-86. The mechanism quality, the sound complexity, and the feel of the keywork. I always recommend it to my students because it’s affordable in price and versatile in sound. The available finishes are very cool as well.

Brayton Zavala

The day i went to go look for my new horn i was browsing through the shop and spotted the PMST-86 , the vintage bare brass look really hit me.