PMXA - 67R

Darren Rahn

I was looking for an alto with a lot of personality and attitude and I have found those qualities in the 67R – hats off to P. Mauriat for making such an incredible saxophone.

Nathaniel Facey

My P Mauriat PMXA 67R is real pleasure to play. My sound has opened up since I started playing it and I can hear a richness, fullness and depth that with practice I can get from this superbly made instrument.

Farrell Vernon

My PMXA 67R-GP (18k Gold Plated) is a true work of art and a joy to play. It is easily the BEST alto that I have played in my 35-plus-year musical career. Whether it is playing behind the Four Tops and Temptations, or blending with an orchestra, the PMXA 67R GP has proven to be reliable and a joy on which to perform. The gold plating adds a dimension in sound and response that I have never experienced before. After playing this alto, I could finally sell the old reliable Selmer alto that I had been playing contentedly for 29 years.

I am now playing the Mauriat saxophone on both alto and tenor. They have been a great find for me. The alto is a 67R (rolled tone hole) model. I find the 67R helps me to produce a big expressive sound with a lot of personality with a lot more lows present than in other horns I have played.

Lalo Rojas

When I first tried the P. Mauriat 67RCL model I knew it had better intonation and more projection than with my old horn. It sounds so warm and broad when you play pianissimo, and big, loud and controlled when you play forte. The timbre was closer than never to the ideal I had in mind for years. But the truth came to me after couple gigs, when I really felt that I became a completely new sax player with better sound, volume, dynamics, speed and precision... Even my ideas are new and improved.

Recently, in the saxophone world, there has been a buzz about a new brand of saxophones that is ready to take on the bigger established market leaders such as Selmer, Yanagisawa, Yamaha and Keilwerth.

Pawel Smorag

When I played P. Mauriat's PMXA 67 RUL for the very first time, it literally blew me away. To compare it to my seven year old, fresh repaired Selmer Super Session Serie II, Mauriat had ten times more open, louder, richer and fuller sound…I quickly realized what a resonating body of the horn really means. No other sax ever gave it to me before!

Romana De Meneges

Martin Tojo

I am really grateful with P.Mauriat. My Old Alto (SA80II) was stolen last January after a "marriage" of 15 years. I thought that I never could recover a sound such as that....But, It appeared very quickly!! My new P.Mauriat 67RS has definitely a big and complex sound,

Robert Cox

I bought P.Mauriat 67RDK last year in September and the sound is great. It makes practicing and playing a real joy.

Abraham Burton

This past September I was very excited and fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to the beautiful country of Taiwan to perform and spend a few days in the vibrant city of Taipei.

Tafari Salaam

Great saxophone! I love the fat sound, and projection that this horn gives me. Intonation is spot on, and I always feel like I'm in control. Defiantly one of the best horns on the market.

Felipe Castro

¨Muchisimas gracias a P.MAURIAT, la verdad es que estoy muy contento con mi alto Mauriat, trabajo en un espectaculo musical en el cual hago 200 shows en 9 meses, con un minimo de 2000 espectadores por shows, ademas estoy trabajando con el e...