System - 76 2nd. Edition

Alto System 76 2nd EDITION is an instrument with a beautiful sound, good intonation and a fantastic response. After playing this instrument for a few minutes, I thought "this is the instrument that fits to me".

I have several and I had a saxophone and after the suggestion of my friend(Karlhos Misajel) I went out to buy a " Le Bravo" (great horn),

Laura Dreyer

Kevin Frazier

System 76 gives me the best of both worlds. It is smooth and warm on the bottom end, but can also jump out and punch when you get on it. I really love the warm focused tone of this horn and the ease of getting in and out of the altissimo register

Chris Jordan "The SaxDoctr"

After trying out the P. Mauriat System 76 saxophone line, I had to buy these saxophones! I love the tone quality! It has great intonation! I performed at Bourbon Street Boogie In Nashville TN, And recorded my newest Album On My Custom System 76 Alto!

Chris Jordan "The SaxDoctr"

The System 76 Antique finish alto sax is a breath of fresh air!!! The tone quality is astonishing! I have had 4 sax players to ask me to let them play my horn! And of course I tell them, You have to go buy your own!!!