Arno Haas was born and raised in The Black Forest in Germany. He is known for his distinctively smooth style and for being an extremely versatile saxophonist. With equal use of the soprano, alto and tenor sax he has captivated audiences locally and internationally. In the late 80s, he performed with the Karlsruhe Air Force Band for one year. That experience convinced him that he should become a professional musician. From 1984 to 1994 he studied at the Jazz School in Bern, Switzerland with Andy Scherrer. His education provided a great foundation for his future as a professional musician.

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Arno Haas - Back To You (Live Version)

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Arno Haas- Pete "Wyoming" Bender & The Voyagers

Date: 05 April 2012

End Date: 05 April 2012

Location: Germany, Kurhaus, Baden Baden

Arno Haas & Beefy

Date: 25 March 2012

End Date: 25 March 2012

Location: Germany, Bergcafe in Burgfelden

Arno plays on

System - 76 2nd. Edition

PMXT - 66R