Volodymyr Kopot’s trumpet can be heard at more than 20 tape albums and CDs – among them are steady performances in the albums of famous saxophonist and fellow Honored Artist of Ukraine Igor Rudyi.  He is also on the CD Intrer Jazz series, Dnipro Jazz & Co. recordings and many others.

Another rich side of Volodymyr Kopot’s activities is the film and animated pictures sountracks – A Friend of the Deceaded, Flying Asleep and Awake, Fundjou Star, All About the Kozaks, Semolina, Adventures of Captain Vrungel and around 100 of other works. Volodymyr Kopot has also made some appearances as an actor in a couple of motion and music films. Among his latest works is a trumpet part in the 3D musical Baron Munchausen. read more »

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